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Are you craving for a life change, but do not know which direction to take?


Some time ago I felt just like you do now, that is why I understand you; and I want to tell you that, only by healing old emotional wounds you can regain confidence in yourself, be happy and achieve your goals.

Hello! I'm Cristina...


I am a lawyer and a spiritual life coach. Guided by a need to positively impact humanity, I decided to study law. Along the way I realized that to change the world, I first needed to change myself. Although I lived the life of a "normal" adult, I was not happy, I did not feel satisfied or fulfilled. So one day, in the midst of a tremendous emotional crisis, I decided to start a process of radical transformation that led me to discover myself and remember my true passion.


I followed the impulse and became certified as a life coach, spiritual coach and hypnotherapist. In this process I had to reinvent myself, dare to be myself, let go of the fear of rejection and, above all, to love and accept myself as I am.

Today, I guide men and women to remember who they really are, dare to be authentic and choose to live consciously.

What can I do for you?


What cannot I do for you?

I can guide you to:

Reconnect with your inner wisdom so that from now on, you become your own guru.

Heal emotional wounds from the past and open yourself to fully enjoy the present.

Identify, understand and release with love everything that is currently limiting you.

Manage your emotions and understand the signals that your inner wisdom gives you through them.

I cannot take action for you.
I am here to guide and lead you to self-reflection, decision-making, planning for the future, and creating positive changes in your life.
But you are the owner of your process. Your commitment will guarantee the results you have in life.

Every human, regardless of their sex or gender, must learn to take responsibility for their lives and their decisions. That is what being a FREE HUMAN is all about.
Take charge of your life now!


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