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Welcome to a meeting point with your soul!

Here you will find resources to reconnect with your inner wisdom...


To unblock your intuition and the connection with your Higher Self.

(Available in Spanish only. English sessions coming soon.)

MY book

'Aprende a Pelar la Cebolla'

(Available in Spanish only)


to learn to see your relationships as a resource for spiritual evolution.

(Available in Spanish only)


Reconnect with your inner wisdom to become who you truly are.

(Available in Spanish only)


Hello, I'm Cristina!

Spiritual Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

I help humans reconnect with their inner wisdom through energy healing and hypnosis.

This wasn't always my path. I used to be a lawyer and had the life of a "normal" adult but still I felt empty, unfulfilled and thirsty for inner peace. In 2018, I began a transformation process that led me to reconnect with an aspect of myself that I was unaware of. I call it inner wisdom, others call it 'Higher Self'.


Listening and trusting my inner wisdom has allowed me to heal, transform my life and little by little materialize the life I dreamed of.


My personal and professional experience constantly shows me that ALL humans are infinitely wise. When we recognize and trust that wisdom, we live fully.


And that is the purpose of this space; i.e. to inspire you to recognize yourself as the infinite and unlimited being that you truly are.

Are you ready to be authentically you?

Let's walk together in one-on-one sessions...

Harmonize your energy field

Release exhaustion & stress.

90-minute energy harmonization session


Release specific blockages to your abundance.

Two-session program

Energy harmonization + hypnosis.

This program includes a personalized audio recording to reprogram your mind.

... Testimonials of some of the powerful transformations that I have accompanied...



Private session, Group session

The result is extremely positive. In the beginning, I was reluctant to take a session but I said to give it a try. My main focus was to change some repetitive behaviour I have which was having negative outcomes on my life. Already after a few sessions, my mindset changed which today has a very positive impact on my life. Cristina helped me a lot in “fixing” my flaws and therefore my life and the life of my family have improved.

Still don't know where to start?

Text me! Tell me why you would like us to work together.
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Spiritual awakening can be fascinating and shocking at the same time.
You do not need to walk this path alone!
Let's walk together back to simply BE consciousness.

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