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You deserve the best!

Treat yourself to a private session, re-connect with yourself and learn to receive everything that the Universe has for you.

Energy healing session

Virtual session (Zoom) | 66 EUR

An energy healing session is a space for channeling your frequency of light, so that through it, you can heal any emotional pain that afflicts you. These healings are a communication with your own light energy.

If you feel confused, lost, sad, abandoned and/or alone, this session is for you.

Remember your dharma with Sirius numerology

Virtual session (Zoom) | 100 EUR

Just as we can learn and evolve from suffering, we can also do it from love. Your Sirius numerology chart helps you understand which are the energies that you should integrate to open yourself to a harmonious and loving reality. In addition, it gives you clues about your unique gift and how to share it with society.

Tune in to the energy of the New Earth

Virtual session (Zoom) | 90 EUR

Since 2020, the Earth is vibrating in a new frequency. Humans will naturally feel this change internally, through the flow of their emotions, as well as externally, in the material reality that we know.

This session helps you to recalibrate your energy to tune it with the energy of the New Earth. It tunes your biological and quantum clock in the new reality. It also helps you open your heart and works on the pineal gland, activating your spiritual awakening and intuition.

Release emotional tension

Virtual session (Zoom) | 80 EUR

I always believe that in times of emotional turbulence it is better not to make important decisions. This session helps you recalibrate your energy and each of your chakras according to the current moment. It is ideal in times of emotional turbulence, stress or anxiety. At the end of the session, you will feel lighter and free to decide your life path.

Release stress & restore mental harmony

In person session in Tenerife, Canary Islands | 66 EUR

After an intense work week it is important to replenish energy and thus avoid long-term health problems.

Relax deeply and recover your vitality with an Access Bars® session.

Do not know which session to choose?

Book a discovery call and we'll solve it together.

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