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Virtual sessions (Zoom) | 2 sessions (90 minutes each session) | 144 EUR
Our childhood traumas do not heal over time, they only hide and reappear in adulthood. Therefore, to create healthy relationships we must first heal our inner child and, thus, stop projecting onto others the pain that still afflicts us (even if we do not realize it).

Heal your wounds from the past in two sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT). RTT® is a blended therapy that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Developed over 30 years ago by British therapist Marisa Peer, RTT®️ allows you to achieve results at an extraordinary rate. More info on RTT®️ is available here.

RTT®️ is an ideal therapy to heal and release physical and emotional pain. After the second session, I will give you an audio recording that you should listen to for at least 21 consecutive days to reprogram your mind.
Curious Child

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If you cannot or do not wish to accept these terms and conditions, please do not make the reservation.



Rapid Transformational Therapy® (hereinafter RTT®) is not a psychological process nor medical procedure, therefore I will not suggest any type of medical diagnosis or therapeutic practice. I will not act as counsellor or health professional to treat psychological or psychiatric issues. No RTT session will replace any medical or psychiatric treatment.

By booking this session you understand and acknowledge that I, Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos, am not a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist, nor do I have any type of medical license. Additionally, you understand that hypnotherapy should not be viewed as a substitute for psychiatric, psychological, or medical advice and/or services.




By booking this session, you exempt Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos and Spiritually Authentic Limited from any present or future liability or claim that may be made against her with respect to your mental and/or physical well-being during or after the RTT® practice, which is subject to these terms and conditions.




By booking this session, you give Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos full permission to hypnotize you and to use RTT® knowing that by participating fully in the process and listening to your personalized recording for 21 days you play an important role in my overall success of the process.


More information about Rapid Transformational Therapy® is available here.



During the session, I may ask you questions about your medical history to establish if there are any contraindications in the use of RTT®. It is your duty to inform me of any medical changes during the course of the process.

If you are receiving care or treatment from any medical, healthcare or therapy practitioner, e.g. GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Counsellor, you may be asked to seek their permission before any therapy sessions can commence.


Please note that I will be unable to offer my professional services if you suffer from epilepsy or any form of psychosis.



By booking this session you understand and agree that although RTT® has an incredibly high success rate, Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos cannot guarantee results, as your own personal success depends on many factors over which Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos has no control, your commitment to change.




By booking this session you give permission to Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos to make audio recordings that may include your voice. If the recording (or recordings) is(are) made during or after your session(s), Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos and Spiritually Authentic Limited retain full copyright over any forms of media that may be produced and distributed to you.




All contact, including sessions, telephone conversations and emails, will be conducted in confidence and may be recorded. Prior to any recording, your agreement will be sought. All recordings, conversations and notes will remain confidential, except in the following circumstances (a) where you give permission for confidentiality to be broken, (b) where I am compelled by a court of law, (3) where the information is of a nature that confidentiality cannot be maintained.

By booking this session you consent that, I, Maria Cristina Rubiano Passos may release information to a specific individual or agency if it has been determined that a vulnerable person (child or elder) is at risk; if you, as a client, are in imminent danger to myself or others; or if a subpoena of records has been requested


You also consent that I may discuss aspects of your case with other colleagues at any time, keeping your full name and identity completely confidential.




You can contact me between sessions in order to clarify doubts or share your after-RTT® experience and/or idea that is related to the topic discussed during the session. These communications will be timely and brief.




If you need cancel or reschedule the session, you should notify me by email at at least 24 hours before the session.



Our economic exchange for this program is 144 EUR to be paid in advance. This price includes two sessions of 90 minutes each.



  • If you have paid the full amount of the program in advance and wish to cancel early, you will not be refunded for the sessions you have attended so far.

  • If you have paid the full amount of the program in advance and wish to cancel it 24 hours before the first session, you will be refunded the full amount of the program. Administrative cost and fees associated to the bank transfer will be borne by you.

  • Fees will not be refunded for cancellations within 24 hours before the session.

  • The economic exchange of these sessions is proportional to the time and guidance provided, as well as to my professional experience; however, the success of this process depends for the most part on your commitment. Therefore, sessions that you have attended and paid for the session will not be refunded.​

By booking this service, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the above terms and conditions. 

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