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Emotional management is fundamental to being a co-creator.

Your intention marks the objective, but it is the emotion that prints the vibrational frequency of the wave that you will receive in return when you achieve your objective.

If your emotion is limiting, the end result will also limit you. If your emotion is expansive, the end result will expand you. If your emotion is neutral, the end result will be neutral.

With what emotion are you creating?

Joy expands you. Fear limits you. Anger, rebellion, frustration will help you get out of your current place, but they will lead you to co-create similar scenarios as long as you do not integrate the initial learning.

Expand your mind, what else can you create today?

What emotion accompanies you? Why do you want to create that? What for?

Your answers will show you if your co-creation is a product of love and freedom or fear and separation.

With love,

Michael, Chamuel and Gabriel



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