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The school of freedom is on Earth. Earth is a school of freedom.

Freedom cannot be understood as an attribute of personality but as a state of divine being.

Freedom is a constant recognition that I am the beginning and the end.

Freedom does not exist as you understand it. Freedom only exists as a stage of consciousness. One that is reached by self-recognition; that is, you recognize yourselves as free humans, free of thought, free to choose, free to choose your life experiences.

Choosing the illusion of separation is another choice made from your own freedom.

Therefore, you are free as long as you recognize yourselves as free, but you are not free because someone else grants you freedom.

Sing, humans, sing: "I am free" "I am free" and you will be liberated.

Look, feel, realize how your heart expands when you sing your song "I am free, free I am".

Sing brothers, sing from the heart and your songs will be heard.

Archangels Jophiel and Raphael



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