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The schools of thought of the world focused on the knowledge of the Being from the external referent. It is time to focus the attention on the heart.

The external referents fulfilled their mission: to show you each of your spiritual qualities. It is time to integrate them, to unite them in you, being you your own reference.

Each master has made his own way of conscious experimentation. Now is your turn. Be your own master. Trace your route. Embrace it. Experience it and walk through it.

Enter the new time light and without charges. All past time can end now, if you wish so. Your time to transcend into a new state of consciousness has arrived, and with it, the opportunity to raise your vibration.

In this planetary transition there are many new schools of thought that will open portals of internal transcendence. In this school we will talk about the mission of the Being, the reconnection with your essence and the active participation that each being comes to do in the network.

This school of thought is a school of integration of karma and dharma to return to unity. If you are in this space today reading this message, it is because this is your school of transcendence towards the new consciousness.

The schools of learning are varied and are divided into specific soul groups. Each one is designed to conclude an aspect of the circle of soul learning on Earth. If you have come to this school, you have come to integrate the concept of freedom of the Being.

All the schools have already been activated to share with humanity the fundamental principles of the new paradigm. The principle that treasures this school is freedom. You have come to be free and here we will help you remember it.

With love,

Michael, Chamuel, Raphael, Gabriel and Zadkiel



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