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The fulfillment of any human is not found in what he does but in a deep sense of unity, which can be achieved through doing and not doing. However, the vibration of each action or omission is what will determine the willpower to achieve an inner sense of unity.

The sense of unity with creation, with life and with the All will lead you to experience on Earth what you call the fifth dimension.

When you see in each act the presence of your divinity, in each decision and in each omission, the mystery of the freedom of the Being will be revealed in each one of you.

The Being does not destroy or create randomly. The Being has the will to return to the Source with a greater understanding of itself. Hence, every experience is an expression of your inner divinity.

Recognize the Being that dwells in you. Recognize that there is a creator God within you and your mission is to manifest it on Earth.

With love,

Mary, Jesus and Joseph



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