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Analize your "failures" or what you call failures. You will find that they all have a point in common. In all, you had made decisions based on fear, mistrust. So, everything that arises from fear has limitation as its destination, because fear is an emotion that limits.

Everything that arises from self-confidence has only one path: fulfillment.

It is time to move forward trusting in you, in your abilities, in your gifts, in the lessons that your past experiences have left you.

Dare to get out of the mold, to be different and try to play in life following your own truth and your own heart.

Communicate with your Inner Being. Ask it to show you the path. Tell it to teach you to trust yourself. Tell it that you are now willing to live in harmony with yourself; and therefore, you enter into harmony with it in the first place.

Your Inner Being is everything you are even though your personality has forgotten it. Reconcile your personality with your Inner Being and allow it to show you the path of Divine Truth.

Start by listening to your body. How do you feel? What symptoms do you have?

No symptom is inherent to the human condition; it is your ability to normalize existence that creates the habit of feeling the symptom or identifying yourself with the disease.

So ask yourself, what do you feel? How do you feel? Where do you feel it?

Any answer is a clue to start weaving the fabric of Truth.

Find the meaning of your pain. What does your symptom mean emotionally? Here is the great answer to start healing your relationship with your Inner Being.

Receive this message with love and find in it the courage for your own reconciliation.

You have been fighting with yourself for many lives and today you have the opportunity to harmonize your opposites, to reconcile your parts and stop fighting against yourself.

Love yourself, Human Being. Loving yourself is the key to getting out of the reincarnation loop. Love yourself, Human Being. Love yourself without measure, without conditions, with compassion. Renew your commitment to yourself, and love yourself.

I am that I am

Jesus Sanada



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