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Humanizing the voice of the heart is a tendency of your mind. It is a habit. However, the voice of your heart is a vibration at a certain frequency that is communicated through the resonance within you.

The voice of the heart teaches you to feel each beat, each pulse, as a call to internal coherence within you.

When you say "it resonates with me" from your heart, you will feel a deep expansion in your chest and throat. If "it does not resonate with you" you will feel the contraction of your muscles, because the same vibration is incoherent with your Being and encourages it to become alert.

Look closely, what do you feel when you read these words? Do they resonate in your heart?

The mind will tend to classify as true or false. The heart speaks from expansion and contraction. If you classify it as true or false, this comes from a mental construct. It is just an idea that you have had accepted as true. However, if you allow yourself to feel with your heart you will always have access to the truth.

That's all.

With love,




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