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Unity with the life force happens when we surrender to the eternal flow of things.

The force of life is the force of love. It is that which allows the continuous movement of all that is. The life force is what drives the movement towards our mission on Earth.

We have traveled the worlds seeking to experience a dimension of the essence that we are. We came to Earth to complete the learning, recognizing that we are all that exists.

We came to this planet to recognize our own consciousness, being aware, in turn, that in order to do so, we must unite with the consciousness of the planet, since this is the force that drives the development of our life mission.

The life mission of each human is always in alignment with the great planetary consciousness, since there is nothing that does not serve the great order. You already know our life mission and it will be transformed as we progress in its implementation. Hence, the importance of tuning in with the Earth, as its transformation transforms the implementation of our life mission.

To tune in with the Earth we must reconnect with the way back home, the essence, the energy that we are; for only through our channel of light will we re-establish an organic communication with the Earth. Then our mission implementation will flow with the rhythms of the Earth and will be one with the universal pulse.

Conversations with my soul



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