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The memory of a world in harmony lives in each one of you. You have believed that the natural state of the human is to fight, but it is not so. The fight is based on the disagreement between what you really are and what you believe about yourselves.

The natural state of the human is that of the spirit: a state of conscious neutrality from where you observe the whole.

Culture has allowed you to build yourselves as societies to develop into what you are today; but you have forgotten that culture is an instrument of social cohesion. You have forgotten that the instrument was a tool and not the definition of who you really are. Hence, you seek to simulate in every aspect of your being (mind, emotion and body) your cultural patterns.

Culture will always be a tool for social cohesion in a world divorced from its own essence. When you recognize who you are, then you will stop looking for identities and cultural affinities. You will begin to live from the freedom of being the spirit in the matter.




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