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Energy healing session

Session on Zoom | 60 minutes | 66 EUR

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An energy healing session provides alignment between the mind and soul. If you feel confused, lost, sad, abandoned and/or alone, this session is for you.

Remember your dharma with Sirius numerology

Session on Zoom | 90 minutes | 100 EUR

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Your Sirius numerology chart helps you understand which are the energies that you should integrate to open yourself to a harmonious and loving reality. In addition, it gives you clues about your unique gift and how to share it with society.

Tune in to the energy of the New Earth

Session on Zoom | 90 minutes | 90 EUR

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This session helps you to recalibrate your energy to tune it with the energy of the New Earth. It also helps you open your heart and activate your spiritual awakening and intuition.

Release emotional tension

Session on Zoom | 90 minutes | 80 EUR

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This session helps you recalibrate your energy and each of your chakras according to the current moment. It is ideal in times of emotional turbulence, stress or anxiety. At the end of the session, you will feel lighter and free to decide your life path.

Release stress & restore mental harmony

In person session in Tenerife, Islas Canarias | 90 minutes | 66 EUR

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After an intense work week it is important to replenish energy and thus avoid long-term health problems. Relax deeply and recover your vitality with an Access Bars® session.


(2 TO 10 WEEKS) 

Reconnect mind & heart

Sessions on Zoom | 10 sessions | 666 EUR

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10-week program to restore the connection between your mind and heart. You will learn to be your own spiritual master and to consciously choose to live a life in freedom and harmony.

Spiritual & conscious man

Sessions on Zoom | 5 sessions| 333 EUR

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This program is specifically designed for men who want to connect with their inner world, heal old childhood and ancestral wounds; and reconnect with your most luminous masculine essence.

Abundance activation

Sessions on Zoom | 5 sessions| 330 EUR

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This program helps you to order the energy field so that abundance can flow in your life.

Let go of guilt and lack of forgiveness

Sessions on Zoom | 3 sessions| 99 EUR

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Program aimed at working on forgiveness for oneself and/or others. It helps you to release energy that has been stagnated due to resentment or guilt. During the program you will be able to let go of grudges, hatred, lack of acceptance towards yourself and/or others.

Heal your inner child

Sessions on Zoom | 2 sessions| 144 EUR

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Heal your wounds from the past in a Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT®) session. RTT® is a blended therapy that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is an ideal technique to heal your inner child, release physical and emotional pain, change limiting beliefs, emotions and habits.

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