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By healing my past, I understood that, contrary to what I thought, I have always been free, because I can consciously choose how I want to interpret the reality. Taking responsibility for my choices is, then, what is called living in freedom.

At this point you will already know that I studied law because I wanted to save the world 😅. Along the way I realized that much more than that was needed to have a positive impact on society. Discouraged, I gave in to the daily routine and settled for taking a salary, saving and waiting for vacations, because that's how adults are supposed to live.

To escape the dissatisfaction of doing something that didn't completely fulfill me, I started traveling, and for many years, I believed that this was my greatest motivation in life.

I got used to being uprooted, lonely and feeling abandoned.

Traveling allowed me to get to know historical, exotic, luxurious, technological and other very vulnerable and impoverished places, which ended up adding multicultural characteristics to my personality. I became more tolerant, empathetic, creative, flexible and strengthened my coping skills. At the same time, I got used to running away, to being a stranger, even in my own country and in my family. I also got used to being uprooted, lonely and feeling abandoned. Traveling became the balm that made up the disconnection I felt inside.

One day, in the midst of a deep emotional crisis, I decided to seek for help. I found Biodecoding, a therapy that looks for the emotional origin of any illnesses to find a way to heal. I looked for a therapist to guide me through the process and I found an angel called Thatiana Salazar. Together with Thati and between workshops, tears, meditations and psychomagic, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery with no return ticket. I realized that I had spent years seeking to experience sensations in different destinations and that I knew so many details about other cultures, but I knew very little about myself, my fears, my qualities, my dreams. Ultimately, I didn't know who I was.

Awakening from the lethargy of loneliness and disconnection had such an impact on me that I decided to go on my way to guide others in the process of reconnecting to their inner wisdom. I became a qualified spiritual life coach and hypnotherapist; and complemented my studies with other therapies including Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT), Freedom Healing®, Access Bars®, Healing of the Records of the Unconscious, Pleiadian Tone Keys and Sirius Numerology®.

Today, I accompany men and women to remember who they really are, to heal the wounds of the past, let go of fear and dare to be authentic in all areas of their lives.

Now I can tell you without any doubt that traveling is not my greatest motivation; traveling is just one of many hobbies that I enjoy because it allows me to learn more about myself and the beautiful humanity that we are. My true motivation is to Be and discover myself every day. I fully trust that by sharing my path with others and allowing myself to be nourished by their perspective, together we will create a better society in which we are all authentic and, therefore, truly free.

I hope you give me the privilege of accompanying you in your process. Write me! Tell me in which part of the journey you are.

With love,


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